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Crackers and Fire safety :

  • Buy only good quality fireworks from licensed shops which have been checked for quality and safety.
  • Always allow children to light firecrackers under adult supervision and in open areas away from home.
  • It is not safe to relight a firecracker that did not ignite the first time.
  • Keep a safe distance while lighting firecrackers.
  • It is unsafe to light a firecracker in your hand.
  • Do not use plastic bottles for lighting rockets.
  • Wear fitted cotton clothes that do not catch fire easily when lighting firecrackers.
  • Keep a bucket of sand or water nearby when lighting firecrackers in case there is a fire.
  • Try to buy fireworks of prominent or known brands. Diwali is a festival of lights.
  • Always keep a bucket of water and sand handy wherever you are bursting crackers.
  • Do not light Diyas or candles near curtains, or upholstery.
  • The noise made by crackers can extremely troublesome for babies and young children, elderlies and pets.
  • Follow the above tips to have a safe Diwali full of lights and happiness.

Diwali gives an opportunity to pause and be grateful for what we have, to make special memories with family and friends Let's Have a safe Diwali with HyderabadCrackers.com.

We at HyderabadCrackers.com understand the importance of safeguarding the environment along with having a happy celebration. As much as we enjoy bursting crackers, we should also be responsible towards the environment in which we live in.

To maintain this balance towards environment , we call our Diwali celebrations as “Sustainable Celebrations” . To achieve this “Sustainable Celebrations” we at HyderabadCrackers.com will plant a tree for every order that we receive.

We also request and urge our customers to atleast plant one sapling in a year to safeguard our environment and show our responsibility to fight pollution.

We kindly request all the parents to encourage their children to take part in this initiative and inculcate the habit to plant a tree at least once in a year. Trust us, it wouldn’t take more than 15 mins of our time to plant a tree. This 15 mins of your time will impact the environment for years to come.

Happy Diwali and say yes to “Sustainable Celebrations” !

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