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Family Platinum Package

Special Price ₹6000.00

Regular Price: ₹14000.00

Suitable For 4 Member Family
Duration 3 Hrs
HighLights Includes 21 varieties of Crackers spread across 36 Items.Sparklers,Chakkars, Flowerpots,Sound Crackers, Comets,Fancy Items,walas are the highlights of this package. 

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Item Name Category No of Box/Pkts Price per Box/Pkt Total Price
30 Cm Gold Sparklers Sparklers 5 85 425
15 Cm Gold Sparklers Sparklers 5 80 400
Silver Twinklings 120 Cm Torches 1 220 220
Silver Twinklings 60 Cm Torches 1 130 130
Fire Pencils Torches 2 90 180
1000 Wala 1 String Walas 1 700 700
Flower Pots Green Flower Pots 1 275 275
Flower Pots Special Flower Pots 1 220 220
Flower Pots Delux Gold Flower Pots 1 320 320
Flower Pots Big Flower Pots 1 190 190
Zamin Chakkars Deluxe Chakkars 1 250 250
Zamin Chakkars Big 25 Chakkars 2 175 350
Two Sound 9 CM Sound Crackers 2 55 110
Peacock 9 Cm Sound Crackers 2 40 80
Hydrogen Bombs Foils Sound Crackers 2 115 230
Hercules Deluxe 10 Cm Sound Crackers 2 50 100
Swastik Wheels Fancy 1 350 350
Seven Shots Green Fancy 1 670 670
Colour Changing Butterfly 10 Pcs Fancy 1 250 250
Golden Whistle Small Fancy 1 250 250
1 Inch Commet Fancy 2 150 300
Total   36   6000

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We at understand how important it is to have your crackers on time for your Diwali Celebrations. It is also important to have good quality goods to maximize your Diwali experience.

We at are committed to make your Diwali memorable and joyful. We promise :

  • To provide you fresh stock for every Diwali
  • To provide the best stock at wholesale prices
  • To provide your order on time to your door step

Social Responsibility : emphasize on keeping our atmosphere and environment clean and healthy. As part of our contribution to society and to minimize the environmental effect due to Diwali Crackers, we plant a tree for every order that has been placed with us. The details of the plantations will be updated on our Social Media pages.

Also 2% of all our order revenues will be shared with charity organizations that help in leading a better life for underprivileged children and also to those organizations that help to promote environment friendly activities.

Plea to our Customers :

As much as we have the right to celebrate Diwali, the festival of lights and crackers. It is also our responsibility to keep our enviranment clean and healthy.

Please do clean up the paper waste and remains of bursted crackers after the Diwali night.Also please do cooperate with municipal auhtorites to maintain your society neat and clean.

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